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Uniform’s are compulsory and all clothing is to be named. If children are not in uniform a note needs to be sent to school explaining why.  Uniform items can be purchased through the school office.

Summer Uniform Winter Uniform
Black Shorts  |  Tights Black Pants  |  Tights
Grey Polo Shirt Grey Polo Shirt
Sweat Shirt Sweat Short  | Polar Fleece
Black Sandals Black Shoes
  • Uniform to be worn during school hours

  • No other form of clothing to be worn during school hours, unless directed by the teacher

  • Parents may seek assistance towards uniform costs should be required

  • The uniform is to be worn correctly at all times

  • Our uniform represents our school and our standard

  • Summer uniform may be worn from the beginning of Term 4 as the weather turns warmer, until end of Term 1

  • Our uniform is something we are proud of

  • Please assist us in keeping it of high standard

  • Please Name all Clothing items


Jewellery is restricted to personal items, along these guidelines, to allow for safety.

  • Rings,  not allowed

  • Bracelets and necklaces are if it is a necessity eg. Medic Alert, Taonga

  • Watches are allowed

  • Earrings, if worn, must be studs