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Bought Lunches 2018

Bought Lunches will be weekly on a Thursday
All orders and money will need to be handed into the office by Wednesday afternoon

Lunch Menu
Hot Food Price
American Hotdog $3.00
Mac n Cheese $4.00
Nachos $4.50
Pizza $4.00
Homemade Lasagne $4.50
Tomato and Herb Penne $4.00
Wraps  |  Rolls  Sandwiches Price
Ham or Chicken Roll $3.50
Ham and Salad Sandwich $3.50
Ham and Egg Sandwich $3.00
Ham and Egg Wrap $3.50
Chicken and Salad Wrap $3.50
Homemade Pies Price
Mince and Cheese $2.50
Bacon and Egg $2.50
Small Savoury Mince $1.50
Sausage Roll $1.50
Toasted Sandwiches Price
Ham and Cheese $3.00
Cheese and Onion $3.00
Sweet Treats  |  Extras Price
Banana Bread $1.50
Cupcake $2.00
Brownie $1.00
Chippies  |  Burger Rings etc $1.50
Beverages Price
Ribenna (Box) $2.00
Water $1.00
Twist Juice Box $1.00
Flavoured Milk $2.00

Fruit in Schools (FIS)

We are part of the Fruit In Schools Programme which encourages children to eat more fruit and vegetables and to adopt healthier lifestyles.  Through this programme, the Ministry of Health is aiming for a jump-start to healthy eating and lifestyle choices.

Milk in Schools

Our school participates in the Fonterra Milk for Schools programme, this means we provide Anchor Lite UHT to our students as part of our school day.  Your child’s participation in the Milk for Schools programme is voluntary.