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Enrolment Procedures

Please contact the school office to organise a time to meet with the School Principal.   A meeting with the Bishop’s Representative will then be required to acquire a ‘Preference Card for enrolment’.  Enrolment documentation MUST be returned to the office prior to your child/ren starting at St. Joseph’s.  Please speak to the Principal or the school office if you are unsure about your preference status.

Enrolment form
Preference Form NZCBC

Enrolment Records

  • In the case of students who have never been enrolled before, an Enrolment Record is created in the Ministry of Education database called ENROL

  • In the case of other students, their Enrolment Record on ENROL will be updated to show their enrolment at St. Joseph’s

  • When the student leaves the school to go on to another school, the ENROL database will be updated.

School Policies

Copies of all school policies are available for viewing at the school office on request.