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Attendance Dues

Payment of Attendance Dues is required by law.  A contract to pay attendance dues is a condition of enrolment at a Catholic school.  Attendance dues are used to pay for land, some building work, related costs such as maintenance, also insurance on school buildings, mortgages, loans and debt repayments.  The dues collected are pooled and are used to meet the Proprietor’s cost on all school buildings.  Over time, all schools benefit.

Attendance dues are $479.00 per year per student (including GST) and are payable directly to the Catholic Integrated Schools Office and not to the Parish or School. Payments can be made by automatic payments. The necessary forms for this can be obtained through the school office or by phoning the Diocese of Palmerston North on 06 354 1780.

Financial assistance can be grated for the following: family reasons, hardship, loss on income, redundancy, extended unemployment or death of the breadwinner – contact the Diocese of Palmerston North, or discuss the problem with the school’s Parish Representative or Principal, who can recommend your case to the Diocese of Palmerston North.